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A Day in the Life of…ME!

My job is all about telling people what to do. 

Okay, that’s not exactly it—or really, that’s not it at all—but I do coach my clients about health and vitality. And while I do have the education and certifications that show I know what I’m talking about, there’s definitely something to be said for lived experience. 

That’s not to say that I don’t value information learned in a classroom or out of a book. But if I want to give someone tips on, say meal planning, then I need to know more than just the steps to getting it done. I’ve got to know how that works when the kids have soccer practice and work has been a nightmare.

This post is just that: me putting my money where my mouth is. I am a work in progress—just like you. And just like you, I have to balance my wants and needs with my responsibilities to family and work. Basically, here’s how I get shit done.


I Have Lots of Clockwork Habits 

Routines are a lifesaver! They just make things so much easier, and I’ve been building most of mine for all my many, many, many years. Maybe the biggest one for me is getting up most days around 7 am—anything before 7 am is just cruel and unusual punishment. This gives me just enough time to brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, and drink my lemon water before my first client session.

Breakfast and lunch are pretty routine, too. Usually, it’s a shake for breakfast, a bar and an apple for a snack or early lunch, and then second lunch (yay, second lunch!) of cottage cheese or Greek yogurt with berries and granola. And water! Lots of water—at least,  90-120 ounces every day.

Spacing out my meals helps me keep my energy up, but I also drink Rev3 Energy daily!  Canned or Powdered (often both!). Plus, I take supplements at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Before bed, I make my shake for the next day. That’s usually MySmart Whey, spinach, half a frozen banana, a spoonful of PB2, and a one-to-one mix of milk and water that I blend and pop into the fridge. Next I fill all three of my water bottles (one 48 ounce and two 32 ounce bottles, and yes, I pee a lot), make sure there’s a bar and some fruit in my cooler backpack—and Rev3, of course!


We Are List Junkies!

Monthly hopeful lists, daily work-task lists, weekend chore lists, grocery lists, chore charts, personal to-dos.  If it’s not on the list, it’s most likely not getting done.



You Gotta Focus on the Good

COVID is terrible; there’s no doubt about that. And it’s been a trying time for me and my family. But I try to look at what COVID has opened up for me. It’s actually made virtual training and online coaching more accessible and acceptable. If my clients travel, we can still train together, and that makes it easier to keep consistent routines. If the roads are shitty, we can still train via Facetime or Zoom. I’ve even made a number of trips this year to Casper to care for my grandpa after he got out of the hospital. That’s an amazing blessing. Focusing on things like that will get us through this!



Taking Time for Yourself…What Is That???

I live with my boyfriend Mark, periodically his two kids, and two ridiculously needy cats. On any given night, I’m making dinner for two to four people. That, plus a full workday and my own workouts make it hard to find time to just…be, you know? But there are things I do for myself. I’ve found that I’m the complete opposite of many during the pandemic. I WANT to get dressed. Since I wear workout clothes all the time already, I like feeling put together and pretty with my hair did and mascara on. And I really like taking my time to do it.

There’s other ways I treat myself, too. A silk pillowcase is a must!  And I love my stress stick and luxury lip balm before turning out the lights. Celavive skincare is my saving grace and I shave every time I shower. Even on the craziest of days, little things like these remind me that I’m worth a little effort.


Working Out Isn’t Me Time, But That’s Me

I hope people see their workouts as time they take for themselves, because it really is. But being “in shape” is part of my job. That’s not to say I don’t love it, or more accurately, love the results, but it’s something I have to do.  Practice what you preach, right?

Like most people, quarantine has pushed me to find at-home workouts, and my go-to is a Peloton ride! I’m trying to get back into strength training at home and stretching, too. I think I miss the gym, but will I really go back once things fully open up? I wonder…


Confession Time

I workout because I like tasty beverages and want to be able to carry all my groceries in at once, not to mention my cats are 13 pounds each! Carrying them isn’t light work. So most days, cooking dinner starts with a glass of wine or Fresca with a shot of vodka, (Where the heck did all the canned Fresca go? I thought people hoarded toilet paper!) and that’s usually followed by another one, and quite possibly another.

Mark “treats” the boys to a fast-food lunch every Wednesday before they go back to their mom.  The battle between “it’s tasty” and “it’s not the greatest for you” is real! Sometimes I indulge, sometimes I say no. The same goes for keeping chips and other processed snacks around the house. But cheesy Texas toast garlic bread is a staple in our freezer. I mean, a girl’s gotta live!

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