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Even before my college days, I proudly declared myself “stocky” and “big-boned.” Then, the freshman 15 waltzed in, followed by the sophomore 30. Suddenly, I found myself strapped into the wildest roller coaster ride of my life: the weight-loss struggle. And boy, did I hang on for way too many spins!

I dabbled in teaching step aerobics (briefly) and took the plunge into every trendy, celebrity-endorsed, “this is the miracle” weight loss program imaginable. But let’s face it; long-term success wasn’t their strong suit. Instead, I convinced myself that aging meant trading my volleyball and running dreams for a life of creaky joints, weak body parts, and perpetual exhaustion. #Sadness indeed.

Then, in 2008, when the financial world decided to throw a tantrum, I bid farewell to my engineering career and jumped back into teaching.

From the dizzying heights of the 9-5 corporate ladder to embracing the role of a bonus mom, and most recently, stepping into the whirlwind world of family caregiving, I’ve uncovered the secrets to sustainable weight loss and staying healthy, no matter the season.

Today, my wellness routine is an open book – and it’s filled with humor, honesty, and grace. If you’re a family caregiver who’s battled with weight and struggled to find time for your own health, let’s connect.

Together, we’ll find your path to renewed health and a lighter heart.

Here are a few of the secrets I’ve discovered

  • There are no absolutes.  There’s just you, your current situation, and how you will navigate it.
  • Life is not static.  Cookie-cutter (one-size-fits-all) programs set you up for frustration and failure.
  • Tune into your body.  It leaves clues on how to find sustainable success in health, fitness, & well-being.
  • Go slow, start small, and choose progress over perfection.
  • What worked before may not work now and probably will not work later.
  • Feeling better than “just getting by” is possible in any situation and season of life.

Ready to make progress toward a FitBodyPhatLife… even when the universe is piling it on and aren’t sure where to start?

I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and motivator.

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