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3 Best Practices to Detoxing Your Ever-Loving Liver

Did you know that… As far back as ancient Babylonia the livers of sacrifices animals were examined for their power to predict events. ~Adventures in Human Being

Yep!  The liver is THAT cool!!

Well, perhaps it can’t really predict future events. (Wouldn’t THAT be neat??!)

Being the second largest organ in the body, it is quite possibly the hardest working organ in the body.  Your liver processes everything you eat and drink… and then some.  At which point, it repurposes it for use in the body or eliminates it.  It works 24/7, around the clock, to ensure YOU are functioning on all cylinders.

Without further ado, check out these 3 #FitBodyFatLife Liver-Loving Best Practices.

Detox Your Ever-Loving Liver Tip #1

water is the fountain of youth
After using the “one more” trick, I now drink 3 – 48oz water bottles most days.

This one is a no brainer – water!  And then more water.  Our body is made up of 55% to 65% water… and every organ requires it.  The liver is no exception.  Besides, water helps flush out toxins so that they don’t back up in your body. 

How much water to drink is a super common question.  The rule of thumb that works best for my clients is half their body weight in ounces.  Then, if you workout a lot… drink a bit more.  Live in higher altitudes… drink a bit more.  

To start though, make it easy on yourself, follow the “one more” trick.  Just add “one more” then you’re doing now.  If you’re drinking 2 glasses a day, just add one more.  Once 3 glasses have become habit, add one more.  Continue adding until you’re meeting your drinking goal every day.  Don’t want to be running to the bathroom every 2 minutes?  Following the “one more” trick should, well, do the trick.Morning Lemon Water

#FitBodyFatLife Pro Tip:  Start your day with lemon water.  Want to know why… check out what Sanoviv Medical Institute has to say about it. 

Detox Your Ever-Loving Liver Tip #2

Have you ever heard the phrase – you are what you eat?  I’ve heard it phrased another way – you are what you don’t eliminate. 

Let me ask you this… Is your body a toxic waste dump of high-glycemic, blood-sugar raising, low-nutrient value food?  I’m not saying never have it.  Just don’t make a habit of it… for your livers sake. 

If you are looking some liver supporting foods, check out these 10 Foods to Cleanse and Clean Our Your Liver

Detox Your Ever-Loving Liver Tip #3

Sometimes we have the best intentions… yet we still fall short.  We are human after all. 

Here’s an easy button – take a high-quality liver supporting supplementGreen Light for Liver Support

There are a combination of ingredients clinically proven to support your liver’s detoxification process.  Ingredients include milk thistle extract, choline, N-acetyl L-cysteine, and alpha lipoic acid.  You can find out more about these ingredients here.

#FitBodyFatLife Bonus:  Glutathione supplements are a hyped health supplement on the market right now. for its ability to increase energy levels, improve muscle recovery time and enhance the immune system.  Here’s the rub… your body already has it’s own manufacturing plant for glutathione.  When introducing too much artificial glutathione, the body may reduce its natural production.  In the case of glutathione, it’s better to amp up your body’s own manufacturing system.  You guessed it… by supporting the liver.

Your liver works hard for you!

Eliminating toxins is a critical component to living your healthiest, most vibrant life possible.  Think of it this way… your body in a trash dump or a tropical paradise.

Here’s a bonus!  Your liver is the only internal organ in your body that can actually regenerate itself.

Health Choices

Even when their verdict is bleak, the liver can often regenerate; there’s always the chance of a fairy-tale ending. ~Adventures in Human Anatomy


Wishing YOU a #FitBodyFatLife kind of day

Jenn Abbenhaus 🙂

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