To Immunize or Not?

It turns out August is National Immunization Awareness Month.  Who knew?!!

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases state that vaccines (shots) help prevent dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases.  We all know there are many sides to this story.  Regardless of what side you are on, awareness is key – wouldn’t you agree?

With that being said, you probably already have your mind made up about vaccinations – whether you believe it’s an inexpensive way to prevent illness, there are too many unknowns and you don’t like them, or maybe you believe they cause further, long term problems… for the most part you’ve decided.  I encourage you to keep an open mind to entertain one other thought – what happens when you actually take care of your immune system in the first place.

The human body is made up of trillions of cells, in addition, there are billions of cells that regenerate every hour.  Our body already contains the ability to heal itself.   Our cells are endlessly working to keep our body in a natural state of homeostasis or equilibrium.  Here’s the big BUT…. your body absolutely needs the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, rest and water to actually make all of that happen.  AND our bodies ability to utilize the nutrients we consume from the foods we eat is directly linked to our immune system.

Way, way back in the day (Jesus’ era) we used to get everything we needed from our foods and our immune systems were pretty much untouched.  Then we started branching out, traveling around the world and our fabulous bodies were introduced to new environments that sometimes lacked what we needed.  Continue the timeline and food sources became depleted, water sources because undrinkable in many parts of the world and we’ve become so stinkin’ busy we aren’t willing to actually do the things that will make ourselves healthy – instant gratification, always looking for the easy way out, the quick fix.

So what do we do now?  Vaccines were created for a reason – to eradicate something and in many cases, have we not done that and if so, why continue with some vaccines?  Additional vaccines are created to “help” our bodies fight off sickness but do multiple vaccines cause an issue?  Is it the right strain? Will your body actually respond?  Here’s the big take-away – while the initial product is “pure/dead”… how is it being preserved?!!!  Isn’t that the question with our food sources too?!  Beef is a great protein until you pump it full of steroids to make it bigger and preservatives to make it last.  Fruit/Veggies are pumped full of modifications, pesticides and then plucked early.  What makes vaccines any different?  Check out this list of chemicals, preservatives, excipients, and fillers if you’re curious.  There will always be some sort of preservative in the product to make it available to the public – my questions for you is:  What are you willing to pump yourself and your child full of in an effort to keep your costs down for the short term?  Short term gain for long term loss?  Sick days, vaccine cost, degenerative disease potential, family support – nothing is guaranteed… you’re not even guaranteed that the vaccine will work!  Preservatives are widely known to cause long term issues… do you know what the long term results are of what’s in each of these vaccines?  Now you might say – it’s just one (or really 9 vaccines with no study that determines the safety of the toxicity that may happen due to the combinations)… what about all the other toxins found in our life – environmental pollution, preservatives in our food, lack of sleep that contributes to cell breakdown and the list goes on.  Lastly, what about the toxins found on food that causes death and the CDC forces a recall quite quickly…. why aren’t vaccines held to the same standards?

Friends – what if we simply take care of our immune system?  What if we exercise 3-5 times per week?  What if we drink enough water and get rid of processed food?  What if we take a high-quality nutritional supplement?  What if we do the things that HELP OUR CELLS FUNCTION OPTIMALLY?  If you don’t know what that means… it’s time to ask and ask quickly!

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