Run Rest Repeat Medals

3 Powerful Tips on the Quest for More Medals

The 2016 Olympics are here!  The best of the best athletes from around the world are competing on the worlds largest stage.  It’s an impressive show of sportsmanship, passion and realization that hard work pays off.

While there are a plethora of differences between them and myself… 3 things remain the same:Portrait of a successful handsome businessman

  1. They started with a dream that captured their attention.  A crazy, “what do you think you’re doing” kind of idea.
  2. At some point, they made a plan to get make it happen.
  3. They did it.

I figure if it’s working for the worlds best athletes… there must be something to it, right?

Here’s my take on it.  Plus an update on the #RunRestRepeat mission.

Step 1 – Have a dream.

Sometimes you’re born with it.  Sometimes it sneaks up on you.

In this case, it’s something I never thought I’d want to do.  It hit me upside the head and I found myself committing to things – out loud.  People heard me say it.. there was no backing out at that point.

Huh faceI’ve long said I’d NEVER run a full marathon.  I believed it was CRAZY for anyone to run 26+ miles at a time.  (I still can’t believe people run 50k’s and 100k’s!)  And yet, I’m registered for not one, not two, but three races where I get that funny look.

You know the one…

Step 2 – Make a plan.

Without a written plan, it’s just a dream.

There are lots of plans available that will help you reach your dream.  Running, strength training, weight loss, business building, social media, anything-you-can-think-of plans.  Pick one that fits your goal and get started.  Then experiment and adjust as you go.

I selected a Jeff Galloway program, who partnered with runDisney. I salute his quest for “the injury-free marathon training program”.  I, also, appreciate his – let’s get you to the finish line in an upright position – stance.

I have little experience in running technique.  Which is why I partnered with Janis at Acuity Fitness.  We meet every 4 weeks to review progress and go over the new plan.  So far, my low-back doesn’t spasm anymore after a long run.  So, I think the partnership is working.   Good form = injury free (fingers crossed)

I’m also in love with my USANA.  Maintaining optimal health and recovering quickly doesn’t often happen by chance.  How you fuel your body will make a HUGE difference – from foods, to liquids, to supplements.

Jeff handles my running schedule.  Fit Body Fat Life handles my strength training program.  Acuity Fitness keeps my form strong.  USANA keeps my cells supported.  And my newest addiction, Nuun for water hydration.  It takes a village my friends.  I have no doubt, this is just the tip of the training-berg.

There is no one-size-fits all program.  It’s a consistent experiment to find out what works for me and what doesn’t.  I love heeding the advice of others, trying it out and making my own decision based on my experience from it.

If you want greatness, consider all things about the process, not just the race.  And don’t be afraid to ask for help – embrace it!

Run Rest Repeat

There’s another spot… perhaps runDisney’s Dark Side Challenge?  What to do… what to do?!

Step 3 – Just do it.

Plans are great!  They won’t do the work for you though. Dang-it anyway!  Nothing will replace the simple fact that you just have to put in the time… whether you feel like it or not.

And there are more than enough excuses to keep you from doing something you don’t want to do in that moment.  They may even be legit.  They just won’t help you on race day.  Winners do it even when they don’t want too.  

The first 6 weeks of training have been interesting.  I didn’t want to deviate from the training program, so running in the heat has been the most notable issue.  I’ve also struggled to regain that “comfortable” feeling en route and finding my rhythm.  I’ve seen little improvement on my pace time, which is a bit maddening.  (I might have been OK with the lack of comfortable feeling IF my pace time was improving.  That would have meant I was pushing myself harder.  Giving myself a reason for being uncomfortable.)

I’m happy to say that a couple runs I’ve done, sans heat, have felt far better.  The last two runs of week 6 happened over the weekend when I wasn’t feeling well.  (I think I had a migraine… was yakking and feeling all sorts of awesome the night before.)  The next morning, I was quite surprised at how OK I felt and the consistent pace I kept.  So, I’ve either moved beyond the “just getting back in to it hump” – FINALLY!  Or… the temperature has played a HUGE part in my ability to see and feel improvements.  More than likely, both are playing a part.

Moving forward, I may shift my 45 minute runs to Wednesday/Friday’s.  It just makes sense and as long as I’m putting in the time… I think I’ll finish standing in the upright position.

(Want to keep up with how it’s going or discover running tips for you to use – head over to the R3RunRestRepeat Facebook page.)

Run Rest Repeat

It’s unlikely I’ll finish in the winners circle.  Yet, I’ll be all smiles as I cross those finish lines to receive my finisher’s medal (I get 7 medals for the Dopey Challenge – WAAAHOO).  And every one of them will be on the wall next to these bad boys!  (Ever wonder what happens to the Olympic medals once they go home with the winner… check out some ideas here)

Run Rest Repeat Medals

As Dr. Denis Waitely says, “externally, there will only be one winner.  Internally, everyone is a winner who has competed only with himself.”

Everyone who dreams big, creates a plan and takes action is a winner.  

You are a winner!


Your turn… What’s the biggest “out of this world” idea you’ve committed yourself too?  How’s it going?

Wishing you all an abundant life, great health, adventure and fulfillment.


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