Ramp Up Your Training

8 Powerful Things that will Ramp Up Your Training

Have you ever come up with a brilliant yet hair brained idea before?  How did you put it in to action and execute?  How did you cope when it wasn’t going well?  Celebrate when it was?

The day I registered for two non-refundable and non-transferable races, I knew I had to come up with a plan.  I started small with a simple running program I found online.  I partnered with Acuity Fitness to help me improve my running form.  And I got going.

I’m a fit, strong and active female.  I trust my body and, yet, I had no idea the toll it was going to take and for the first time I questioned how I will succeed.  I started my training in June 2016.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far that will ramp any training program (and keeps me going on mine).

Tip #1:  Never underestimate yourself

     This is POWERFUL!  I often hear someone say, “I could never do that.”  Maybe it’s running so many miles.  Maybe it’s opening a business.  Maybe it’s trying crossfit or using shakes to reach health goals.  Here’s what you need to know:  your body and your brain are superior machines.  If you honor them and treat them right, they will help you succeed in anything you desire.
 Ramp Up Your Training

Tip #2:  Be cautious of overestimating your ability

     OK, this may seem a bit odd given tip #1 but hear me out.  Too many people start out too strong and then become injured or burn out.  I remember thinking in the first two months of my training program that this was going to be a piece of cake.  I’m gonna rock the Ragnar Ultra, the Dopey and the Rebel Challenge.
     Looking back at my most recent long runs and I’m questioning, what in the world did I get myself in to?!!
     I’m heading back to the drawing board to figure out how in the world I’m going to manage 26.2 miles!?!  With the right tools and a little experimentation, I’ll be able to succeed.

Tip #3:  Use appropriate tools

     They are there for a reason.  Use them when you need them, when it makes sense and when it will help you.  Not every training run will be the same.  When it’s a short run, maybe no water is fine.  Get in to the those longer 13 mile runs and you’re gonna want it.
     It’s said if you lose more then 3 pounds during a run, you face dehydration.  I tend to drink a LOT of water each day, 3-48oz water bottles at least.  So getting through 8 to 9 miles without water and no dehydration works for me.  Most people aren’t there.  Find your balance.
     A tool is a device used to carry out a particular function.  Some of my favorite tools:  the FlipBelt, Body Glide, Gu, protein shakes and supplements, music, GPS watch, sunblock, chapstick, Second Skin blister kit.  Keep your toolbox full and you’ll find it easier to finish.

Tip #4:  Stop being so stubborn

     I like to run naked – with nothing but myself and my headphones.  No water.  No Gu or the like.  No phone.  Let’s just get on with it and finish.  In fact, I was a bit proud of this fact.  Until I got lost… TWICE!  Became so famished and lethargic around mile 9 that I almost ate my shoe.  Couldn’t keep down any water after my run, throwing up the first few times I did try.
    On a serious note, stubbornness can be dangerous.  Your body has certain requirements.  It’s important to figure out what yours are.  That is, IF you want to survive your training run and your event standing upright.
   I’ve experienced two long training runs that were a bit less pleasant then necessary.  For example, I despise the mouthfeel of Gu.  Though I can’t stand not being able to function after my run because my body is so depleted.  Which means I have to do something different.  So, I’m experimenting with Gu and other similar products.  I’m also running with water that I’ll sip every couple miles.
    If someone has successfully done or completed the very thing you desire, pay attention.  Ask for advice and test it yourself before poo-pooing it.

Tip #5:  Experiment

     Not everything is going to work… for you.  Maybe it worked for your friend and it just doesn’t work for you.  The vice versa will be true too.
     Experiment with the time of day you run.  The food you eat beforehand.  The time you eat said food before your run.  Shakes.  Energy supplements.  Nutritional supplements.  Food intake through out the day.  Some things you’ll figure out the first time.  Others will take many attempts or even time to determine if it’s working.
     Be sure to give your experiment the due diligence it deserves.  Test all possible options.  Check out tip #6… enough said.

Tip #6:  Laser hair removal is amazeballs!

     This has been one of my BEST investments!  I used to get sores under my arms because of coarse armpit hair.  I tried, and still use, Body Glide but it just wasn’t enough.  If you’ve been thinking about it, go in for a consult!  Do it… just schedule it right after reading this blog post.

Tip #7:  Learn from painful failures and misery.

     I think this one speaks for itself.  Failures are nothing more than lessons you need to learn to be successful.  Don’t let them get you down.  You’re stronger and more capable then you believe in that moment.  Figure out what you need to learn from that experience and then move on.

Tip #8:  Remember when it feels good.

     There will be great moments.  When everything comes together and you feel like a winning warrior princess (or prince).  File those moments away.  Because when things get really hard, you’ll need to dig deep.  Great moments will help you reach the finish line.
And there you have it!  Eight powerful things that will ramp up your training program.  Or anything you want to achieve.  Go out and dream big!  Nothing is impossible with the right attitude.
Did I miss something?  I’d love to hear about it!  Leave a comment below.  Let me know what’s helped you the most in finishing strong – standing upright.
And if you’re curious, next week the Ragnar Ultra in Napa Valley is about to go down.  I’ve committed to 38 miles (Leg 1 – 9.2 miles.  Leg 2 – 9.4 miles. Leg 3 – 19.1 miles.)  YIKES!  Race one about to go down..
RunRestRepeat #Dopey Challenge

Still unsure you could do such a thing?

         Go back to number 1.


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